Optical Fiber Filling Gel

1.Optic fiber filling gel is silica free, soft and non-sticky hydrophobic compound, flexible down to –50°C, non-draining at 80°C and
thixotropic for controlled filling at ambient temperature. The gel is non-nutritive to fungus, exhibits low hydrogen generation,
zero oil separation with excellent resistance to oxidation for long-term stability.
It is compatible with most cable grade polymers. Tests on typical acrylate coated optical fiber shows no reaction but it is
recommended that compatibility tests are made with all materials likely to come into contact with the gel.
It is suitable for cold pumping and processing enabling cable filling without voids created by compound shrinkage. A
line-synchronized gel metering system is available comprising of a drum pump, de-aeration, filtration unit and a metering control
unit for stable dosing of the gel.
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