SZ Stranding Line

Item No.: SZ stranding line-01
Structure speed: 120m/min
Production speed: ≥80m/min
(stranding pitch=60mm,Binding pitch=25mm)
Stranding pitch: 45mm-500mm (continuously adjustable)
Binding pitch: 15-50±2mm
Diameter of loose tube : 0.9--5.0mm
Maximum dia of strength member: 6mm

Take SZ Stranding Line (1+16) for example:
The production line is used to manufacturing stranding optical fiber cable by using loose tube which diameter between Φ0.9~Φ5.0mm and strength member.

It contains: 1. PN1250 strength member paying-off , 2.Horizontal tension control wheel, 3. 16 set PN 800 loose tube paying-off, 4.SZ strander head,5.Dual Concentric Binder 6.12 cops aramid server,7.Single head binder,8.Crawler-type anti-twist device, 9.Wheel tractor, 10.Take-up tension control device( dance wheel),11.PN 1600 Gantry crane receiving and routing take-up 12.Electronic control system.

PN800 loose tube pay off
One set of loose type pay off contains frame-type pay-off rack and and Pulley tension controller. SINEE frequency converter control 1.1kw AC variable frequency motor to drive the active payoff.
It has separate electronic box of each payoff.