Optical Fiber Cable Sheathing Line

Wire core diameter: Ø3-Ø31mm
Extrusion outer diameter: Ø5-Ø35mm
Production line structure speed: 200m/min
Production line speed: 80-150 m/min
Production line length: <60m
Pay-off reel spec: PN600 ~ PN1800
Take-up reel spec: PN600~PN1800

Application of the production line
The inner sheath of optical fiber cable includes polyethylene inner sheath and aluminum-plastic composite tape with polyethylene inner sheath.
The outer sheath of optical fiber cable includes polyethylene outer sheath, aluminum-plastic composite tape with polyethylene composite outer sheath, steel-plastic composite tape plus
polyethylene composite outer sheath and ADSS
optical fiber cable composite outer sheath. Extrusion materials like LDPE, MDPE, HDPE, LSZH and PA12.

This production line contains: 
1, 1800mm active pay-off rack 2. 800-1000mm loose tube pay-off 3. PN800 passive steel wire pay-off 4.Φ 800 horizontal dance wheel 5.Wire storage type beam tube Pay-off rack 6.Water-block yarn pay-off 7.Non-driven Flyer Pay-off for Rip Cord 8.Steel-aluminum tape pay-off device 9.On-line welding machine 10.Steel-aluminum tape storage device 11.Steel and aluminum belt embossing device 12.Steel-aluminum tape longitudinal lapping and forming device 13.Cable paste filling device 14.SJ90 extruder unit 
15.Vacuum pump 16.450kg automatic feeder and 200kg drying device 17.Automatic heating water tank and 3m long moving warm water sink 18.15m long double-layer stainless-steel cooling water sink 19.Chiller 20.Dryer 21.Diameter measurement gauge 22.Dual hot foil printer 23.Power frequency spark meter 24.Caterpillar-tractor (800kg) 25.Φ800 horizontal dancing wheel 26.1800mm ground moving rail gantry take-up and traverser 27.24 head aramid pay-off 28.Electronic control system.