YY-DLI SJ50/60 FTTH CABLE Production Line

Item No.: FTTH production line-01
Material:  PVC, LSZH
Structure speed: 200m/min
Production speed: ≥120m/min
Pay-off bobbin size: PN400
Take-up bobbin size: PN400-PN630
Pay-off tension:0.5~3N(adjustable)
Take-up tension:5~20N(adjustable)
Extruder: SJ 50mm-65mm
Power: 50kw

The production line is applicable to produce FTTH optical fiber cables. Materials suitable for this production line are PVC, LSZH etc. The extruded products are smooth and slippy.

It contains: steel wire pay off, one set of optical fiber pay off & FRP pay off, Cable collection rack, SJ50 Extruder (with  material feeder/head/mould), master batch mixer,
Warm water sink, Warm water tank,cooling water sink, cooling water tank, air blow dryer, chiller, Φ630 single wheel tractor, 2D diameter measurement device,
Cable stable rack (I
nk-jet printer rack), 80m cable accumulating rack, Press wheel, PN800 dual take-up and traverser, Electronic control system.
Main Part: one set of 2 head optical fiber pay off & 2 head FRP pay off

Upper and lower cabinet structure is adapted for the rack. Two-way fiber active pay-off is in the upper, two-way FRP pay-off is in lower position. FRP pay-off adopts end shaft structure. The pay-off works automatically and need to be clamped manually. The size of suitable bobbin is PN400. While, taking-up adopts the type of axle-suspended and end-fixed. AC frequency conversion motor 1.1kw is used as the pay-off motor and DANFOSS brand AC converter (DANFOSS 2900 1.1kw transducer + frequency conversion motor) is used for power-driven of the motor.