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This Optical cable production line makes FTTH drop fiber optic cable 2.0×3.0mm, 2.0×5.0mm. Cable structure: bare fibers + steel wires/FRP strengthen members + LSZH/PVC/PE sheath, and other similar cables.
This production line is used for making FTTH cable. The line main components are:
Fiber pay-off, Strength member(FRP rod or Steel wire) payoff, Self suspending strength menber pay-off, Swing arm type dancer, Extrusion group 65mm, Cooling system, Cable dryer, Dual-axis diameter gauge, Ф600 wrap belt capstan, 70m Horizontal accumulator, Take-up and traversing unit, Electric control system
Butterfly-type drop optical cable is a new type of indoor fiber optic cable. It is suitable for indoor and terminal installation places that are often need to be bent. It can be cut according to the distance of the site when wiring, and it can be installed with quick connection connectors and optical fiber cold connectors. There is no need to melt fiber during site construction, which greatly improves engineering construction efficiency.
The structure of the butterfly-type drop optical cable is to place the optical fiber between two parallel reinforcements and then extrude a layer of plastic sheath.
The structure of the self-supporting butterfly-type optical fiber cable is to add a metal hanging wire to the structure of the common butterfly-type optical fiber cable. The structure is as follows:
The significant technical feature of the FTTH butterfly-introduced optical cable is not only to provide greater bandwidth, but also to enhance the network’s transparency of data formats, rates, wavelengths and protocols, relax requirements on environmental conditions and power supply, and simplify maintenance and installation. Therefore, this kind of optical cable has been widely used in optical communication systems and has good development prospects.
The introduction of FTTH butterfly cables requires special production equipment. Our company --Kreno has many years of experience in research and development and manufacturing of optical fiber and cable production equipment nadalso provide one stop solution from raw material, equipment machines, training, after service installing and teach how to operate, and so on.
The FTTH butterfly-introduced optical cable production line provided is suitable for the production of (1-2) core butterfly-introduced optical cables. It can be extruded with PVC, LSZH and other jacket materials. The production line has the characteristics of uniform extrusion outer diameter, smooth appearance, fast production speed, high production efficiency, precise take-up and pay-off tension, and easy operation of the production line. It is a professional production equipment for FTTH butterfly-shaped optical cable.
The whole machine of the production line adopts the control technology combining industrial computer and programmable logic controller, namely (PC + PLC) method to realize the synchronous operation of the whole line and the independent operation of the single machine; the operation of the production line, the setting of the parameters and the display are all passed Industrial control computer to carry out, the production control process such as motor start, stop, signal given, motor speed and other production status acquisition are realized by PLC; data transmission between industrial control computer and PLC through communication port; production operation, alarm display can be realized , Emergency stop of production line and other functions.

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